Hard Pack & Soft Serve

We carry 24 flavors of Hershey's hard packed ice cream.  Favorite flavors are available all the time, but be sure to visit our Facebook site to vote for the flavor of the month.

We will have soft serve custard as well.  A Flavor Burst machine will allow us to add 8 additional flavor combinations.  Try them all!

Dietary Considerations

For sensitive diets, we carry dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free options in our hard pack ice cream.  Soft serve is naturally gluten free but does contain sugar and dairy.


A taste of yesteryear

The downtown Danville square is a unique setting within Hendricks County .  Coming together with families and friends for shopping, dining, and entertainment on the square is a key attribute of Danville's hometown feel.


 We want to add to that sense of a family friendly third space.​ A place to gather in fellowship and celebration and share quality ice cream with family and friends.

Our space is historic, but our amenities are modern.  We hope you will enjoy spending time here and take a break from the fast pace of our current world.

Dipstirs, Sipstirs, Sundaes, Floats, & Malts

Personalize Your Own Dessert


Blend our soft serve custard, with your favorite mix-in to create a unique treat or try one of our signature flavors.

Arcane - Heath bar pieces mixed with our house brewed Arcane coffee

Coach Oppy - Oreo cookie pieces and peanut butter

Grasshopper - Crushed Andes Mints, Crushed Oreos, and mix with chocolate syrup

Candy Craze - Crushed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Crushed Heath Bar, Crushed M&Ms

Cookie Overload - Crushed Oreos, Cookie Dough, Cookie Crumbles



Milkshakes can be made from our custard or any of our hard pack ice creams.  Add a mix-in to make it a Deluxe.

Make Your Own Float

Get your favorite hard pack ice cream or custard and then pick from six soda flavors  to make your personal float.  With free refills, you are sure to never run out of liquid before your ice cream is gone!