We just love ice cream!

We are located in the old Baker Hardware building.  We have restored the old brick walls and wood floor in the building.  Our goal is to create a community gathering place in a modern setting with a historic feel.  Our furniture is made by Danville businesses and we are decorating with pictures of friends and family enjoying ice cream.

We took advantage of the large plate glass windows by adding bar seating. So you can enjoy your ice cream while watching the comings and goings on the square.

Our Ice Cream

Quality Frozen Desserts

Our R&D staff spent numerous hours, traveled thousands of miles, and ate countless cups of ice cream.  Their decision is that Hershey's Hard Pack Ice Cream provides the best overall taste and quality.  We carry 24 flavors, some year round, and some change seasonally.   You can have it in a cup or cone, or mix it into a milkshake.

We have soft serve ice cream and have the only Flavor Burst attachment in Hendricks County!  We try to support local business and with Flavor Burst being headquarterd in Danville we knew it was important to provide that as an option.  Eight different flavors are available to add to your soft serve experience.